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My Works

Club Revelation

In this adroit mix of comedy and theology, three interfaith Jewish/Christian couples who share ownership of a brownstone unwittingly rent the ground floor to a charming, young Southern evangelist. Serving up his own blend of Christian cuisine, he opens a restaurant in the space, hoping to convert the Jews of Manhattan’s Upper West Side. His scheme threatens to destroy the harmony of the building when one of his six landlords finds comfort--and much more--in the preacher’s conversion-by-gastronomy methods.

High Holiday Sutra

“American Jews have been mixing Buddhist saffron with Jewish matzoballs for over three decades now, but not until Allan Appel’s rabbi in High Holiday Sutra have we seen the perfect result. High Holiday Sutra is emotionally Jewish, philosophically Buddhist, and esthetically American. Om Shalom.”
--Andrei Codrescu, Author

The Sacrifice of Isaacson & Soul Catchers

Coming Soon

The first novel, a dark comedy on the binding of Isaac, the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, jogging, and the presence of angels on American college campuses, is now being offered to publishers.

Soul Catchers features two brothers, one a Jewish seminary drop out and the other a Mormon in-training meeting in 1960s L.A., where they fight, with the assitance of beautiful angels, over the fate of their deceased gambling dad's soul